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Websites are a very cost effective way of advertising your business and reaching clients worldwide but how do you get one without having to sell your left kidney? In this section we will help you understand the process...

Websites essentially require two things:

1. A domain name

2. Website hosting

A domain name is what you would like your website to be called www.oceankite.co.uk or www.lancombes-house.co.uk for example.
logoThe names can contain letters, numbers or selective characters - the only constraint in them is if someone has registered the title already.
logoThere are lots of different suffixes available also .co.uk, .com, .org, .eu, .net, .me.uk and many more.
logoTechnically you can register under any of these but most companies prefer to go with .co.uk or .com.
logoYou can also register many domains with different suffixes and have them all pointing to the same site (its called site forwarding).
logoWith Ocean Kite, we register the domain name to you and your company so you have full control at all times.

Website hosting is basically buying space on the internet so your website can be displayed. The price of hosting depends on what features you would like on your site, how much space you would like (ie do you want to put lots of pictures on your site) and how many email accounts you would lik
logoOcean Kite can register the domain name of your choice and help you to choose the best web hosting package and then build your website to your specifications (initial domain registration is free). We use pre-existing templates that exist online to produce easy to use websites that look professional and are easy to use. To see some of our current clients please
click here.
logoWe don't own webspace, we purchase it from an agent on your behalf - we make no money from this, the fee you pay is the fee we pay. You can either pay for 1 years hosting or 2 years hosting. After this time you will need to renew the domain name and hosting package.

There are 3 different hosting packages (all prices exclusive of VAT), sometimes its even cheaper depending on the supplier prices. We can advise you of any changes:





 Price for 1 year hosting

 £29.88 (+ £8.50 domain)



 Price for 2 years hosting

 £42.76 (+ £8.50 domain)





 3 GB

 10 GB

 Number of Email Accounts




 Individual Control Panel

 Account Only

 Account & Domain

 Account & Domain

 Fully Interactive Web Builder Control Panel




Webspace is how big your website is going to be with pictures and files. If you want a personal website that just has words and a few pictures on it and not have much else on it then the Personal Package may be suitable for you. For business pages the Intermediate may be more suitable but we normally suggest that the Professional Hosting is the best, purely because it means you never have to worry about how big your files are and you get unlimited email systems. Hosting can last for either 1 or 2 years, as does the domain registration. If you choose to do the 1 year, then in 1 years time you will need to renew the domain name and the hosting.

Account Control Panels allow you to upgrade accounts and change the billing details. Domain Control Panels allow you to take control of your emails, set up forwarders and auto responses and much more.

The Web Builder is inclusive in the price with the hosting and allows you to make changes to your website through a display much like Microsoft Word. There is an html resource if you wish to program in that language also. With the web builder you can change templates, colours, fonts and much more. We offer full support and training in using this panel if you wish, or you can email us the changes you wish to make and we'll do them for you!

If you're not sure which hosting package will be most suitable then we can help you to decide.



By registering a domain name you also get an email system where you can choose the prefix. For example, be registering www.oceanKite.co.uk, I automatically get at least one email account of which I can choose like Info@OceanKite.co.uk or Web@OceanKite.co.uk or more if you choose a bigger hosting system. Normally each email account will be stand alone (ie you log into it a send and receive emails from that address) but if you have an existing email account that you use, we can arrange for emails sent to you domain name to be forwarded to that one instead.



Unfortunately we are unable to supply really bespoke websites (built totally from scratch to a very high personal specification). But we can point you in the right direction if thats the route you'd like to take. Big Dot Media offer excellent bespoke websites to suit all budgets - www.bigdotmedia.co.uk

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